What are the benefits of Gryd?

Gryd is a cloud-based app that can easily be accessed from any device and configured for use within an organization. It is a simple and intuitive navigation tool that provides employees clarity on where their own role stands with respect to other potential roles within the organization, along with resources to shape different career moves.


Employee Benefits

  • Gain clarity on all roles within the organization mapped by level and function.
  • Read expectations for each role shown on the career map and compare across roles.
  • Watch videos of current incumbents speaking about their own career journeys.
  • Connect with career champions within a function.
  • Look at current vacancies within the company.
  • Chart out a personalized development plan for their long-term career.

Employer Benefits

  • Attract, develop and retain high caliber talent within the organization.
  • Identify critical skills needed in the future.
  • Move talent seamlessly across the organization to create a culture of growth.
  • Build more holistic future leaders with breadth and depth of experiences.
  • Engage employees in creative digital ways in their own career growth.
  • Provide managers with tools for effective career conversations.
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